Model 334MC Fully Automatic Turret Slitter Rewinder

The fully-automatic 334MC turret delivers exceptional time savings and roll quality. This three-shaft, single-turret winder winds on one shaft while loading cores and stripping finished rolls on the other shafts. The 334MC is also designed to keep a short distance from the slitting and rewinding points, resulting in precise strand control even with challenging substrates.

The 334MC can be used as a stand-alone slitter rewinder or as an inline slitter rewinder. Inline applications include thick building products with short roll lengths and tapes with wide cuts. This highly-automated turret is ideal for jobs with quick rewind cycles and lots of changeovers.

General Specifications

Rewind diameter: 12, 18, or 24” (305, 457, or 610 mm)
Web width: to 72” + (1829 mm +)
Web speed: to 2000 fpm (610 m/min)
Min slit width: 1.5” (38 mm)

Standard Features
  • Score and/or razor slitting
  • Cantilevered differential or lock-core rewind shafts
  • Center rewinding with lay-on roll or minimum gap control
  • Taper tension control
  • Automatic cutoff and transfer
  • Enveloper and tail tucker
  • CBM-1 control system with user-friendly interface for operations, maintenance, and safety
  • Safety PLC and safety devices including fencing and sensors
Optional Features
  • Accumulator
  • Offset pivot guide
  • Cross web perforator
  • Shear slitting
  • Score wicking
  • Traversing trim winders
  • Spreader roll
  • Auto core loading
  • Coreless winding
  • Retractable shaft support
  • Closed-loop tension control
  • Tabber or hot-melt adhesive applicator
  • Finished roll taping
  • Roll pusher to conveyor
  • Roll separating assembly
Common Applications
  • Building products
  • Film and film laminations
  • Label stock
  • Nonwovens and nonwoven laminations
  • Paper and paper laminations
  • Pressure sensitive tapes and films

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