Building Products

Catbridge converting machinery for building and construction products includes high-performance slitter rewinders, continuous winders, and process lines.

Surface and turret slitter rewinders are commonly used for building products. Surface winder models, such as the Model 210 and Model 215, can slit and rewind large diameter rolls of products ranging from vapor barriers to flooring and roofing materials. They offer features such as innovative rewinding technologies, improved cycle times, and optimized slit web control. For jobs with frequent changeovers, turret winders are a good choice because they significantly reduce downtime between sets. Available technologies include automatic cutoff and transfer, automatic core loading, automatic tabbing or gluing, and automatic roll discharge. Turrets such as the 324MC, 334MC, and 344MC also precisely control finished roll quality, even for challenging materials. Applications include protective film, underlayments, flashing, and linered materials.

Our process lines and process line components are also used for construction materials. Components include various turrets that can serve as primary or secondary continuous winders in a process line. We also engineer and manufacture complete process lines, such as coating and laminating lines, for building products. We start by designing an efficient web flow and finish by seamlessly integrating all components.

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