Slitter Rewinders

A Complete Line of High-Performance
Slitter Rewinders

Catbridge designs and manufactures innovative, high-performance slitter rewinders. These machines safely and effectively convert jumbo rolls of web materials into top-quality finished rolls. Industries worldwide use our slitter rewinders for materials such as flexible packaging, film, paper, tape, nonwovens, and building products.

We build a complete line of slitter rewinders designed to accommodate any level of converting. Our products include turret center winders, two-drum surface winders, duplex center and center/surface winders, and simplex winders. We also build a wide range of unwind stands for our slitter rewinders.

Choosing the Right Slitter Rewinder for Your Needs

Using a customer-centric approach, we’ll work with you to find the best machinery solution for your exact applications and process. We’ll help you analyze production data to determine the design and features that meet your needs and give the greatest return on investment. Our goal is to provide converters large and small with highly-productive, cost-effective slitter rewinders.

Our machines can help you increase throughput, improve finished roll quality, and reduce waste. We start with an efficient design and integrate technologies and features to enhance performance.

Slitter Rewinder Innovations and Versatility

From unwind to rewind, we’ve developed innovative technologies for a variety of needs. Our unwind advances include features for precision, reliability, and special capabilities. Our slitter rewinder innovations include systems for fast and precise knife positioning, core loading, cutoff and transfer, rewinding, and finished roll discharge. Additionally, we provide user-friendly controls, ergonomic designs, and comprehensive safety systems.

Many of our machines also offer outstanding flexibility, allowing converters to handle a varied job mix. Machines such as our versatile duplex winders can provide multiple slitting methods, multiple winding modes, and the ability to accept a variety of shaft types and sizes. Furthermore, our machines can integrate components for functions such as inspection, perforating, and printing.

Optimized Manufacturing and Service

We make our machines at our state-of-the-art facility in Montville, New Jersey. We’ve optimized our process, combining engineering and manufacturing expertise under one roof. We also stay with you for the life of the machine, providing complete customer training, in-depth technical support, parts replacement, and servicing after installation.