Personalized Solutions

Personalized solutions to meet your needs

We want to provide the right solution, one that is tailored to your exact business realities. We’ll carefully listen to your requirements and work with you to determine all aspects that need to be addressed, including material, job, operator, and packaging considerations. We’re focused on providing reliable machines that will boost your productivity, cut waste, and improve output quality.

A personalized solution doesn’t mean long deliveries or high costs for one-time engineering. Starting with one of its many base machine designs, Catbridge can add the right combination of components to create a customized, application-specific design. Even if you run a variety of short run jobs, we can build slitters, rewinders and unwinds to meet your material and process needs and make you more efficient.

If you have a unique process that requires a creative approach, we welcome the challenge of new processes and applications. We’re happy to design converting machinery for new and innovative products. Let us help you bring your ideas to market.