Coating & Laminating Systems

Catbridge can design a coating or laminating system to accommodate any web material and any desired web flow. We custom-engineer process lines and provide individual components for existing lines. We also build stand-alone slitter rewinders that can be equipped for coating and laminating functions. Additionally, for R&D needs, we provide lab lines to test materials and methods.

Various coating and laminating methods are available. Our customized projects include slot die coating, gravure coating, spray laminating, and ultrasonic bonding systems. We create a web path to effectively integrate components such as adhesive application units, dryers, accumulators, unwinds and rewinds. Depending on individual needs, the coating and laminating systems can also include splice tables, edge guiding, auto cutoff and transfer, slitting, scrap winders, liner unwinds and rewinds, camera systems, perforators, printers, and roll discharge systems. Catbridge will thoroughly analyze your application to ensure that the correct design is chosen to maximize your process productivity and results.

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