Pressure Sensitives

Catbridge provides high-performance web converting machinery for pressure sensitive adhesives. We design and equip our machines to meet the unique challenges of pressure sensitive tapes, films, and foams.

Our slitter rewinders integrate features to effectively handle both self-wound and linered pressure sensitives. Advanced systems control tension from the unwind, where tension can spike as the material is pulled off the master roll, to the rewind, where rolls can telescope or adhesives can ooze from incorrect tension. Depending on your needs, our machines also offer features such as knife cleaning systems, nonstick surfaces, traversing trim winders, liner unwinds and rewinds, pull tab insertion systems, label printers and applicators, perforators, and sound enclosures.

The Model 729 duplex slitter rewinder is an industry standard for pressure sensitive adhesives. This exceptionally versatile machine offers a variety of winding modes and slitting methods. A short web path from slit to rewind simplifies strand alignment to the cores, even on narrow cuts. The 729 can rewind to a 32” diameter and is capable of slitting to a narrow ½” width as well as log winding. Turret winders such as the 344MC are also popular for pressure sensitives. Technologies such as automatic core loading and automatic cutoff and transfer significantly shorten downtime between sets. Other features, such as an enveloper system for no-foldover starts, enhance finished roll quality.

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