Turret Slitter Rewinders

Our innovative turret center winders dramatically increase productivity by reducing downtime. For some applications, turrets can outproduce traditional winders by 200-300% or more. Turret slitter rewinders offer the greatest advantages on high-volume, long-running, multi-set orders. They are also well suited for short-length runs with lots of changeovers.

The turret’s design and specialized technologies significantly reduce downtime between sets. A rotating disk, multi-shaft design allows winding on one shaft while loading cores and unloading rolls on another shaft. Time-saving tabbing and cutoff and transfer systems automate the process of securing strands for a roll’s first and last wrap. Turret slitter rewinders can also be equipped with auto core loading and auto roll discharge systems. Through advances in tension control, web positioning, and rewind shaft technology, turrets consistently deliver high-quality finished rolls.

We build a complete line of single- and dual-turret winders for materials including film, paper, laminations, nonwovens, tapes, and building products. To meet different material requirements, we offer standard models as well as MC models that have a specially designed cutoff and transfer system. Some of our turrets can also be used in converting process lines.

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