Films & Flexible Packaging

Catbridge has focused its engineering expertise on developing innovative, high-throughput, 24/7 converting machines for a variety of films, including primary films and film laminations used in industrial and consumer packaging. These machines include duplex slitter rewinders and turret slitter rewinders.

Our high-performance duplex winders have become an industry standard for film and flexpack converting. The popular Model 900-M comes equipped with key features to improve productivity and finished roll quality. These features include a 32” rewind diameter, speeds to 2500 fpm, auto knife positioning, closed-loop tension control, static neutralizing, differential winding, and automatic roll discharge. Other models in the 900 series include the innovative Model 900MC, which combines the simplicity of a standard duplex with the advantages of a turret, and the extremely versatile Model 900. For large rewind diameters, we design and manufacture heavy-duty machines such as the Model 525, which has a horizontal duplex configuration, a 50” rewind diameter, and a narrow slit-width capability.

We also build turret slitter rewinders optimized for film and flexible packaging. The FP versions of our 324 and 344 turret winders minimize downtime, providing substantial time-savings for applications with high volumes or frequent changeovers. They’re also designed to precisely control output quality.

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