Model 900 Duplex Center Slitter Rewinder

The Model 900 duplex center slitter rewinder offers exceptional versatility and speed. Ideal for narrow web slitting, the Model 900 can be configured for a broad variety of applications including label stock, primary films, flexible packaging, tapes, and nonwovens. This slitter rewinder is capable of speeds to 2500 fpm or more, depending on the material, a standard 32″ rewind diameter, and a minimum 1” slit width. Advanced technologies and features precisely control roll edge quality and density. The 900 can be equipped with features for specific customer needs ranging from any combination of shear, score or razor slitting to conveyor unloading systems leading to remote packing stations. Additionally, the 900 duplex winder can integrate inline functions such as inspection, laminating, or printing.

General Specifications

Rewind diameter: 32 or 40” (813 or 1016 mm)
Web width: to 84” (2137 mm)
Web speed: to 2500 fpm (763 m/min)
Min slit width: 1” (25 mm)

Standard Features
  • Overhead webpath
  • Shear, score, and/or razor slitting
  • Center rewind with touch rolls or minimum gap mode
  • Cantilevered differential or lock-core rewind shafts
  • Automatic taper tension control
  • Roll pusher
  • CBM-1 control system with user-friendly interface for operations, maintenance, and safety
  • Safety PLC and safety devices including fencing and sensors
Optional Features
  • Splice tables
  • Walkover webpath
  • Automatic knife positioning
  • Trim winders and/or vacuum trim removal
  • Laser core positioning
  • Bowed roll
  • Closed-loop tension control
  • Static neutralizer
  • Inline functions such as pin or cross-web perforation
  • Various unloading options including trees and conveyors
Common Applications
  • Airlaid nonwovens
  • Film to film laminations
  • Foil, supported and unsupported
  • Label stock
  • Meltblown nonwovens
  • Metallized films
  • Metallized papers
  • Paper to film laminations
  • Paper to foil laminations
  • Papers, coated and uncoated
  • Pressure sensitive films
  • Pressure sensitive tapes
  • Primary films
  • Spunbond nonwovens
  • Thermal transfer films
  • Thermal transfer papers

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