Model 401 Continuous Surface Winder

The Model 401 continuous surface winder can be used in process lines such as coating or laminating lines. This continuous winder handles materials including nonwovens and supports large rewind diameters and web widths. Advanced features and fully automatic finished roll transfer and discharge enhance productivity.

General Specifications

Rewind diameter: 50” (1270 mm)
Web width: to 120” (3048 mm)
Line speed: to 1000 fpm (305 m/min)

Standard Features
  • Continuous winding of material from process line
  • 8 shaft staging area
  • Surface winding with taper tension and layon force control
  • Automatic cutoff and transfer
  • Advanced CBM1 control system with user-friendly interface, recipe control, programmable tension and density, data logging and remote support
  • Safety PLC, guards, and sensors
Optional Features
  • Automatic knife positioning for all types of slitting
  • Unloading tables with or without roll upenders
  • Larger rewind diameter
Common Applications
  • Airlaid nonwovens
  • Meltblown nonwovens
  • Spunbond nonwovens

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