Integrated Web Converting Lines

Catbridge provides turnkey solutions for multifunction web converting systems. We handle all aspects of your project. This means designing the web process, selecting “building block” components, integrating Catbridge and outside vendor components, engineering drive controls, and providing complete factory acceptance testing.

We deliver comprehensive converting solutions for new and unique applications. We start with our high-performance unwinds and rewinds and seamlessly integrate components within a well-designed web path for additional converting functions. Some examples of our custom solutions include a variety of process lines for spray laminating, foil laminating, ultrasonic bonding, slot die coating, hot melt pattern coating, printing, extrusion, and meltblown production. We also build stand-alone slitter rewinders incorporating operations such as quality control, laminating, or embossing.

Standard Features
  • Various unwind options including shafted, shaftless, floor pickup or hoist loaded
  • Various slitter rewinder or continuous winder models
  • Web process design and component integration
  • Advanced CBM1 control system with user-friendly interface, recipe control, programmable tension and density, data logging and remote support
  • Safety PLC and safety devices
Optional Features
  • Splice tables
  • Inspection and quality control equipment including camera systems
  • Cleaning systems
  • Accumulators
  • Liner unwinds and rewinds
  • Scrim or yarn unwinds
  • Shear, score or razor slitting
  • Trim removal systems
  • Auto cutoff and transfer
  • Bowed rolls
  • Chill rolls
  • Dryers
  • Various coating application methods
  • Various laminating nips
  • Printers
  • Perforators
  • Static elimination systems
  • Label application systems
  • Turning bars
  • Various roll discharge systems
Common Applications
  • A broad variety of substrates and web paths

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