Model 324MC Single-Turret Slitter Rewinder

For demanding applications with short sets, the 324MC turret winder delivers substantial time savings and superior finished roll quality. This machine can narrowly slit a variety of materials and rewind them on a common shaft. A short, controlled distance from slitting to core, regardless of core size or finished roll diameter, helps maintain proper tension and minimize web displacement, even for fragile materials. An automated cutoff and transfer system squarely cuts the web and creates very short tails for roll starts and last wraps. Precise placement of these tails to roll outer diameters and new cores prevents misalignment and eliminates trimming at the core or re-attachment on the outer diameter.

The larger 324MC for 32” rewind diameters and the heavy-duty 324MC-HD for 50” rewind diameters are often used in converting process lines. They can be equipped with an accumulator, offset pivot guide, and other special features for process lines. The 324MC-HD is also available in wider web widths.

General Specifications

Rewind diameter: 18 or 32” (610 or 813 mm)
Web width: to 72” + (1829 mm +)
Web speed: to 2000 fpm (610 m/min)
Min slit width: 1.5” (38 mm)

Standard Features
  • Score and/or razor slitting
  • Cantilevered differential or lock-core rewind shafts
  • Center rewinding with lay-on roll or minimum gap control
  • Taper tension control
  • Automatic cutoff and transfer
  • Enveloper and tail tucker
  • CBM-1 control system with user-friendly interface for operations, maintenance, and safety
  • Safety PLC and safety devices including fencing and sensors
Optional Features
  • Accumulator
  • Offset pivot guide
  • Cross web perforator
  • Shear slitting
  • Score wicking
  • Traversing trim winders
  • Spreader roll
  • Lift-out rewind shafts
  • Retractable shaft support
  • Closed-loop tension control
  • Static neutralizer
  • Tabber or hot-melt adhesive applicator
  • Roll pusher
  • Unloading tree, table, conveyor, or motorized cart
  • Roll separating assembly
Common Applications
  • Building products
  • Film and film laminations
  • Nonwovens
  • Paper and paper laminations
  • Pressure sensitive tapes and films
  • Rubber laminations
  • Woven fabrics


Download The 324MC Product Sheet

Discover the efficiency and quality of the 324MC Single-Turret Slitter Rewinder now by downloading our product sheet.


The 324MC Single-Turret Slitter Rewinder is engineered for the most demanding applications, offering significant time savings and exceptional roll quality. Its capability to handle various materials with precise control over tension and web displacement makes it an ideal choice for delicate and high-value products. Experience enhanced productivity with features like auto tabbing, cut and transfer technologies, and a broad range of optional enhancements.



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