Single Shaft Slitter Rewinders

Catbridge builds two types of simplex winders: single-shaft slitter rewinders that can simplify operations and salvage winders that can rework rolls.

For certain applications single-shaft slitter rewinders are a good choice, offering both ergonomic benefits and time savings. An operator-friendly shaft height helps operators avoid bending and reaching when performing tasks such as core loading, tail tie to cores, and finished roll discharge. Simplicity in operations helps boost rewinder uptime. Single-shaft slitter rewinders do have minimum slit width and weight limitations, but for the right applications, these machines provide an easy, productive approach. Our simplex center winders are available with different width and diameter capabilities.

Salvage winders allow converters to rework rolls, eliminating waste and saving production time on primary slitters or production lines. With the ability to handle narrow-web rolls, our salvage winders can also be used to repurpose remainders from slitting rewinding jobs. Additionally, our versatile salvage winders offer various slitting options and can be utilized as conventional production slitters. To maximize efficiency, we configure our salvage winders for your needs.

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