Paper & Paperboard

We build innovative, highly-productive paper converting machinery that significantly increases throughput and roll quality. Unique features and advanced technologies set Catbridge machines apart.

Our two-drum surface winders safely and reliably produce large-diameter finished rolls for a wide variety of paper applications. These machines offer features including patented knife-placement systems, web stabilizing bowed-roll systems, time-saving web threading and laser core-placement assists, a streamlined finished-roll discharge process, and a state-of-the-art safety system. A unique shaftless winding technology allows running even narrow webs on wide machines with quick set-ups and no compromise to operating speed. For optimal performance, we provide specialized features as needed. For coated papers and thick products, for instance, we provide web paths that respect bending radius concerns and minimize dust creation.

We also build high-performance center winders for small- and medium-sized finished rolls. Center winders such as the Model 900 work well for various niche paper applications. Turret winders such as the Model 324 work well for applications such as butcher paper and counter rolls. Additionally, we make robust unwinds for paper, including shaftless floor pickup unwinds.

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