Model 210 Two-Drum Surface Winder

The high-speed Model 210 slits and rewinds with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Integrating advanced technologies and controls, this surface winder efficiently handles materials ranging from heavy paperboard to ultralight nonwovens. The 210 can also accommodate a broad range of web widths, slit widths, speeds and tensions.

General Specifications

Rewind diameter: 60” (1524 mm)
Web width: to 84” + (2137 mm +)
Web speed: to 3500 fpm (1067 m/min)
Min slit width: 2” (51 mm)

Standard Features
  • Overhead web path
  • Shear slitting
  • Programmable profile drum torque
  • Pneumatic riding roll
  • Web threading assist
  • Shafted rewind
  • Roll ejector
  • CBM-1 control system with user-friendly interface for operations, maintenance, and safety
  • Safety PLC and safety devices including fencing and sensors
Optional Features
  • Splice table
  • Two-up assembly to unwind two independent rolls simultaneously
  • Score slitting
  • Automatic knife positioning
  • Trim system
  • Dust collection system
  • Single or dual bowed rolls
  • Laser core-placement assist
  • J-table or freestanding roll discharge table
Common Applications
  • Airlaid nonwovens
  • Board, coated and uncoated
  • Foil, supported and unsupported
  • Label stock
  • Meltblown nonwovens
  • Metallized papers
  • Paper to foil laminations
  • Papers, coated and uncoated
  • Spunbond nonwovens
  • Thermal transfer papers
  • Tissue

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