Multi-Die Meltblown Line

A larger multi-die system offers impressive throughput numbers and the opportunity to introduce multi-layer meltblown fiber structures into your process. This multi-beam meltblown line achieves excellent tensile strength and elongation values and consistently produces ultrafine, high-quality fibers. A unique die design gives very precise laydown control. The multi-die line is optimized for metallocene resins as well as conventional resins. This line features a modular design for flexibility and state-of-the-art technologies.

Standard Features
  • Complete closed-loop process control with data logging and top-quality components
  • Modular design for flexibility in width configurations
  • Multi-beam line web widths to 135″ (3430 mm)
    “Plug and play” connections for fast installation and start-up
  • Extremely precise laydown control yielding basis weight uniformity across the web, fiber size uniformity, and porosity control
  • Impressive throughput, tensile strength, and elongation values
  • Two-axis vacuum roll variable expands range for experimenting with new processes
  • Opportunity to introduce multi-layer meltblown fiber structure
Optional Features
  • Vacuum roll and belt designs
  • Multi-beam designs
  • Accumulators
  • Secondary unwinds for inline lamination (hot-melt spray, sonic), calendaring
  • Web handling equipment
  • Various slitter rewinder designs
Common Applications
  • Filters
  • Hygiene products
  • Wipes

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