Label Stock

Catbridge designs and manufactures a variety of slitter rewinders and salvage winders for label stock. Our machines carefully control tension from unwind to rewind and integrate technologies that promote high-quality roll formation. Our machines can also be equipped to handle the specific properties of your self-wound or linered products.

A popular machine for label stock is our Model 140 salvage winder. The 140 quickly reworks rolls and can also be used as a conventional production slitter. Features include web inspection, splicing, automatic tension control, and a choice of slitting methods.

In addition, we build various duplex slitter rewinders for label stock, including models for large rewind diameters. The heavy-duty Model 525 is a center-driven duplex that can rewind rolls to a large 50” diameter. It has a horizontal configuration for improved ergonomics and simplified roll discharge. Another heavy-duty machine for large diameter rolls, the Model 550, offers pure center winding as well as center surface winding. We also make duplex winders such as the versatile and highly-productive Model 900 for smaller rewind diameters.

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