Converting Machinery Overview

Converting Machinery for Every Need

We pride ourselves in our wide range of top-quality converting machinery. In addition to a complete line of slitter rewinders, we excel in integrating components to build state-of-the-art web converting systems and process lines for coating, laminating, and other functions.

Our complete line of converting solutions is constantly growing. That’s because when a customer calls, we don’t ask “Which machine do you need?” We ask “What do you need to do?” Then we help choose the right equipment for the job. We design and build highly-productive standard machines tailored to individual customer needs as well as engineered-to-order solutions.

We work with you to carefully analyze production data and make smart choices. Our goal is to provide web converting machinery that optimizes performance and, additionally, gives a great return on investment.

Catbridge Slitter Rewinders

Catbridge provides high-performance slitter rewinders for diverse industries and applications. We build a complete line of center, center-surface, and surface slitter rewinders that efficiently convert a broad range of materials from jumbo rolls to top-quality finished rolls. Our products include a variety of extremely productive turret winders, versatile duplex center and center-surface winders, high-speed two-drum surface winders, and broad-capability salvage winders. Common applications include flexible packaging, films, labelstock, laminations, tapes, nonwovens, construction materials, and all types of papers.

Our slitter rewinders offer innovative technologies that increase production and also increase precision. These include patented automatic knife and core positioning systems; unique turret technologies for fully automatic cutoff, transfer, and new core attachment; state-of-the-art control systems; and robust loading and unloading systems. Productivity gains are significant. Our turret innovations, for example, help reduce downtime between sets to less than a minute for many applications. Furthermore, technologies such as our advanced web control systems yield outstanding roll edge quality, roll build, and finished roll appearance.

Our slitter rewinders also offer specialized features for specific application and production requirements. Specialized features range from quality control systems to trim winding to web cleaning. Additionally, our slitter rewinders can be equipped for greater flexibility. For example, they can provide a combination of slitting methods or winding modes. Slitter rewinders can also be prepared to accommodate future functions as products and processes evolve.

Other Catbridge Converting Equipment

Besides slitter rewinders, Catbridge builds many other types of web converting machinery. We make continuous winders for process lines that can produce customer-ready finished rolls, unwind stands for virtually any type of web material, pin and cross-web perforators configured for specific applications, and fast, flexible meltblown lines.

Additionally, we have extensive experience designing and manufacturing custom converting machinery. This custom machinery includes engineered-to-order process lines that integrate coating, laminating, extrusion, or printing. It also includes unique lab lines as well as custom slitter rewinders and unwinds. We welcome the challenge of developing creative approaches for new and demanding applications.

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