Turret Winder Advantages

Release Date: 04/28/2019

Why choose a turret winder? Turrets can dramatically increase productivity, generating at least two to three times more output than conventional winders for certain applications.

Turret slitter rewinders offer substantial productivity gains by minimizing downtime. A turret’s rotating disk, multi-shaft design allows winding on one shaft while cores are loaded on the other shaft. And, importantly, specialized turret technologies work together to provide a fully automated cutoff and transfer process, significantly reducing downtime between sets. These technologies include a highly-reliable cutoff and transfer system, an innovative tabber to pre-tape the web and a unique roll enveloper to start new rolls, with no foldback, and tail-tie finished rolls.

Turret winders are ideal for high-volume, long-running orders where many repetitive cycles make minimizing downtime between sets critical. They are also well suited for short-length runs with lots of changeovers.

Advances in tension control, web positioning, and rewind shaft technology enable center-wind turrets to deliver high-quality finished rolls for a broad variety of applications. Turrets typically generate small- to medium-sized rolls of materials including flexible packaging, tape, paper, and nonwovens.

Turret winders can integrate versatility features as well as application-specific features. To handle diverse materials, turrets offer differential and locked core winding and can operate in touch or minimum gap mode. They also offer any combination of shear, score, and razor slitting. To meet specialized requirements, turrets can include features such as automatic knife positioning, core placement systems, closed loop tension control, trim winders, idler and driven rolls adapted for high speeds, and roll unloading systems.

Catbridge builds a variety of single- and dual-turret slitter rewinder models. The right turret model choice depends on a number of factors including materials processed, web width, slit size, and rewind diameter. For process lines, Catbridge also builds continuous turret winders.

Single-turret slitter rewinders:

  • The Model 324 is a versatile, cantilevered single-turret slitter rewinder used for a wide range of materials. It’s available for web widths to 110” and rewind diameters to 18” or 24” (a non-cantilevered model for 42” diameters is also available). The minimum slit width is 1.5” or more, depending on the application.
  • The Model 324FP is a 324 optimized for flexible packaging. This model provides a simple, productive, ergonomic way to slit and rewind flexpack. Advanced tension and web placement controls ensure exceptional quality, without interleaving, of the side-by-side finished rolls.
  • The Model 324MC single-turret winder is designed for demanding materials requiring quick transfers and top-quality finished rolls. It features an innovative, precise cutoff and transfer system that prevents roll misalignment from the first to last wrap. The 324MC rewinds to an 18” or 32” diameter, and a heavy-duty version, the 324MC-HD, rewinds to a 50” diameter.
  • The Model 334 has a cantilevered, three-spindle design that allows auto core loading and finished roll stripping while winding. This fully automatic turret winder can wind cored or coreless rolls to a 12” diameter.
  • The Model 334MC is a fully automatic turret often used for challenging substrates such as building products. It can also be adapted as a secondary winder for process lines, delivering high-quality rolls in 12”, 18”, or 24” diameters.

Dual-turret slitter rewinders:

  • The Model 344 is a cantilevered, duplex turret slitter rewinder that slashes downtime between sets and is ideal for narrow cuts. The 344 rewinds to 18”, 24”, or 30” diameters and has a 72” standard web width. This model is popular for tapes, films, and laminations.
  • The Model 344FP is a 344 dual-turret specifically designed for flexible packaging. It operates at speeds to 3000 fpm, depending on material and slit width, and delivers significantly more output per shift than a conventional duplex slitter rewinder.
  • The Model 344MC features an innovative cutoff and transfer system that maintains short, well controlled strands to prevent misalignment throughout the roll rewinding process. It’s designed for demanding materials requiring top-quality roll build and roll appearance. The 344-MC rewinds to 12” or 18” diameters and slits to widths as narrow as 3/8”.

Continuous turret winders:

  • The Model 324C is a continuous turret winder for process lines such as coating or laminating lines. This winder meets rigorous material and tension requirements and can produce consumer-ready rolls. The 324-C handles a variety of materials and rewinds to diameters from 18” to 50”.
  • The 324MC and 334MC turrets can also be equipped with specialized features, such as accumulators or pivot guides, to serve as inline winders. These turrets offer advanced technologies that expertly handle demanding applications, including thick materials and building products.

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