Catbridge News

New Turret Innovations: The Catbridge Roll Enveloper & Tabber

Release Date: 03/23/2009

Boost Quality and Cut Costs with Unique Turret Features Two of our recent turret slitter rewinder innovations include the Catbridge roll enveloper and the tabber. Both of these unique features provide substantial cost savings and quality...

Cost Savings in Slitter Rewinder Operations

Release Date: 02/12/2009

Catbridge can help you become more efficient and competitive in these challenging times. We build durable, innovative slitter rewinders that provide immediate cost savings and quality gains. For immediate cost savings, our machines significantly...

Model 210: Something New in Two-Drum Winding

Release Date: 01/12/2009

Catbridge Machinery's Model 210 two-drum surface winder increases slitter production while providing more consistent roll quality and less waste. The 210 is built to the highest quality standards and incorporates the latest in technology, design and...

Model 344: A Highly-Productive Duplex Slitter Rewinder

Release Date: 11/21/2008

A combination of time-saving features dramatically improves run time Catbridge Machinery’s model 344 dual-turret, cantilevered center rewinder blends innovative design and state-of-the-art technology to slash downtime. The 344 is ideal for...

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