Catbridge Builds New Spooling Line

Release Date: 08/12/2010

Catbridge has built a pressure sensitive tape spooling line utilizing Sahm Model 4 11 E winders. Catbridge, a leading U.S. builder of slitter rewinders, also designs and builds engineered-to-order projects for coaters, laminators and specialty web converting lines. This line represents the latest in a series of successful collaborations between Catbridge and Sahm.

The 762 mm wide (30″) line unwinds, slits and spools webs of various pressure sensitive tapes including foams. Features include a score cut slitting section capable of minimum slits of 3 mm (.12”). The slitting station is adapted to accept a drop-in shear or razor section as well. Another section allows drop-in die-cutting capability if needed. Additional features include a shafted, floor pick-up unwind and a provision to wind a liner and/or exchange one liner for another.

The rewind section consists of twelve Sahm model 4 11 E spoolers, each capable of 400 mm maximum package diameter (15.75”), tape width from 1.6 to 30 mm (.063 to 1.18”) and speeds to 450 m/min (1,450 fpm).

The combination of Catbridge’s extensive experience with web handling and slitting and Sahm’s years of spooling expertise yields unique lines for demanding applications across a variety of substrates. Applications include tear strips, films, and ribbons. Unique solutions can also be designed for new proprietary processes and products.

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