New Turret Rewinder Optimized for Flexible Packaging

Release Date: 04/01/2010

The 344 FP, our latest dual-turret slitter rewinder, provides exceptional productivity. This turret rewinder has been optimized for flexible packaging applications. In a recent trial slitting laminated bottle labels, cycles taking 40 to 50 minutes to complete on conventional slitters took less than 8 minutes. With its numerous technological developments, the Model 344 FP dramatically reduces downtime and provides consistent high-quality output.

A high-performing cutoff and transfer process is an important factor in reducing cycle times. The 344 FP enables the fully automatic cut-off and transfer of several slit webs at once. Innovations such as the Catbridge tabber and Catbridge roll enveloper improve the cutoff and transfer process. The dual-function tabber automatically applies tape to create a tail-tie for finished rolls and a core attachment for new rolls. The enveloper allows glueless, tapeless, no-foldover starts on new rolls.

The Model 344 FP dual-turret rewinder also runs at higher speeds. Technological improvements such as a new idler and driven roll design mitigate the problem of entrapped air disrupting tension control at higher speeds. Typically, the 344 FP runs at speeds up to 2500 fpm (763 m/min). Actual machine top speed can reach 3,000 fpm (914 m/min), depending on exact materials and slit widths.

This highly-productive turret offers additional features to optimize performance. For example, specialized blade and shaft tooling allow quick setups on multiple-blade, narrow-cut jobs. Optional customized core placement enhancements allow rapid core set-up precisely aligned with knife placement. Other available features include unwinds such as a shaftless floor pickup unwind with twin drive motors, web guiding, automatic knife positioning, trim removal, and unloading systems such as a roll pusher to a discharge tree.

Besides improving cycle times, the 344 FP dual-turret also provides better finished roll quality. The 344 FP consistently delivers superior edge quality and roll build. To help achieve these quality improvements, an advanced control system is combined with closed loop tension.

Catbridge 344’s offer locked-core, differential, or minimum gap winding and standard rewind diameters of 18, 24, or 30 inches. The Model 344 FP dual-turret slitter rewinder is most productive for repetitive, long-run work where minimizing downtime between cycles is essential.

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