New Dual-Function Center Winder

Release Date: 10/26/2010

The versatility of two machines in one, plus new time-saving technology

Catbridge Machinery’s new Model 902 offers two machines in one. This cantilevered duplex center winder can also log wind large diameter rolls.

The Model 902 has all the capability and efficiency of a standard cantilevered center-wind duplex slitter, winding to 31.5″ (800 mm) diameters on both shafts. Additionally, when there is a requirement to unwind, trim, and rewind to diameters exceeding the maximum capacity of standard duplex models, the 902 accommodates this work. This duplex center winder can log wind diameters up to 48″ (1219 mm), depending on roll weight and shaft diameter. Log rolls are wound on the bottom shaft, which is operated in a lift-out mode. In addition to simply trimming, a few cuts can also be made for certain materials.

The 902 incorporates state-of-the-art technologies including our new and unique auto core placement feature. This feature allows cores to be precisely positioned, automatically, while the operator is performing packaging or other finished roll discharge activities. After the cores are loaded on both rewind shafts, the machine automatically “picks and places” each core precisely where it needs to be for rewinding. Operating with automatic knife positioning, the core placement system provides faster, more accurate setups. Time savings, especially on narrow cuts where there are many cores, can be dramatic.

Applications for this versatile duplex winder include flexible packaging, foams, film laminations, pressure sensitive label stock, window films, and paper. Each machine is tailored to your exact needs.

The versatility and technologies of this new center winder give converters an edge. By offering the functions of two machines in one, converters save capital expenditure and floor space and add flexibility to production schedules. Furthermore, advanced technologies cut downtime and improve quality.

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