300 MC Turrets with Innovative Cutoff and Transfer for Precise Roll Alignment

Release Date: 01/28/2016

For high-volume, demanding applications, the Catbridge 300-MC series of turret winders delivers time savings and superior finished-roll quality. The 300-MC series features an innovative cutoff and transfer system designed to address two problem areas: slit strand misalignment at the core and slit strand misalignment at the last wrap.

The 300-MC series’ cutoff and transfer system maintains a very short distance from cutoff point to core attachment. Regardless of rewind core diameter or finished roll diameter size, the strand length does not increase. It is always short and well controlled. A short distance from cutoff to web on core attachment eliminates the potential for individual strands, especially narrow ones, to become misaligned at the core. This prevents poor start appearance and the need to manually trim excess material at the core. Good alignment on the last wrap eliminates the need for the operator to detach last wraps, align the strands, and then re-attach them on multiple individual finished rolls.

Both the 324-MC single-turret slitter rewinder and the 344-MC dual-turret slitter rewinder are designed with this precise, automated cutoff and transfer system. Additionally, these machines offer numerous other technologies to minimize downtime and ensure quality. Available technologies include automatic knife positioning, automatic core loading, laser core alignment, closed-loop rewind tension, automatic web pre-taping for roll start and tail tie, and automatic label printing and application. All 300-MC turrets are built to the highest safety standards and come equipped with a safety PLC, guards, and various safety devices. The 344-MC also provides angled shaft discharge positions to improve ergonomics.

The MC turret slitter rewinders handle a range of materials including films and flexible packaging, laminations, tape, nonwovens, papers and board. For center winding versatility, the 300-MC turrets can be configured for locked-core and differential winding and operate in touch or minimum gap mode. These models also accommodate various rewind shaft and finished roll diameters. Both the 324 MC and 344 MC are well suited for high-volume, repetitive jobs requiring quick transfers and top-quality roll build and roll appearance.

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