The Next-Generation Surface Winder for Paper Mills and Converters

Release Date: 03/05/2018

The new Catbridge 220 is a true next-generation surface winder. This heavy-duty winder expands capabilities and performance. Designed for paper mills and converters, the 220 provides exceptional product-range flexibility, safety, productivity, and ergonomic friendliness.

State-of-the-art technologies allow speeds to 6000 fpm and unmatched versatility. The tension control system handles a wide variety of paper grades – from very thin paper to very heavy board – over a wide range of web widths. For added flexibility when operating in shaftless mode, a unique new shaftless winding technology provides the stability needed to manage narrow core widths without compromising speed or core control.

This two-drum winder can rewind finished rolls to a large 72” diameter. An add-on also allows the 220 to unwind and rewind two side-by-side narrow webs, if desired, making narrow web converting jobs more efficient.

Numerous features enhance performance. An automatic knife placement system enables quick shear knife setups and accurate cut widths. It takes less than two minutes, for example, to precisely place 20 knives over a 72” web. Additional technologies include a unique web stabilizing system for managing out of round rolls, dual bowed rolls for uniform slit separation, core placement and web threading assists, a pneumatic riding roll that can stop at any position, and a streamlined discharge process that minimizes downtime between sets.

The 220 is designed for ergonomic friendliness and safety. This winder offers an operator-friendly standing height and easy access for tasks such as knife changes.  An industry-leading, comprehensive safety system features a safety PLC and safety devices such as sensors, fencing, and light curtains.

With its unparalleled safety, versatility, and performance, the 220 is a winder for any mission, today’s or tomorrow’s. Please contact our sales team to learn more about this innovative machine.

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