Innovative 344-MC Dual Turret Expands Capabilities

Release Date: 02/21/2017

The Model 344-MC dual-turret slitter rewinder is ideal for high-volume, demanding applications requiring superior roll quality. This turret features an innovative cutoff and transfer system that precisely controls strand placement and roll alignment from the first to last wrap.

Unique Catbridge turret technologies enhance performance. The tabber can automatically apply adhesive to start new rolls and tail tie finished rolls. For sensitive materials, the roll enveloper can position strands around the core or shaft without tape, glue, or foldovers, preventing potential roll imperfections from mirroring.

Our most recent turret technologies further expand capabilities. The new auto core loading system can position both narrow cores for tape and wider cores for flexible packaging, and it doesn’t require shaft handling. For high-value products, the new open web tabber can insert roll leaders or pull tabs with strong but easily removable tape, eliminating product damage and waste.

Additionally, the 344-MC integrates numerous productivity and safety features. Features such as auto knife positioning or auto roll discharge save time. An advanced tension control system maintains consistent roll build. A unique shaft discharge position improves ergonomics, reducing operator bending and reaching, and a state-of-the-art safety system protects operator safety.

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