Turret Winder Minimizes Downtime for Wide Range of Industries

Release Date: 04/15/2015

The 324 single-turret center winder has broad application possibilities. This turret minimizes downtime and can be used for materials ranging from very heavy to very light. Catbridge provides 324s for nonwovens, building products, pressure sensitive tapes, flexible packaging, films, and papers.

Recent Catbridge projects include 324s for a variety of products and industries. One machine in production will slit and rewind sorbent materials. The thick webs and relatively short footages make actual winding time very short, and downtime between sets becomes a major factor in throughput. The 324 slitter rewinder, with automatic cutoff of finished rolls and transfer of webs to new cores, minimizes downtime between sets. Another 324 being built will rewind a variety of much thinner materials with short footages and smaller diameter cores. Again, the short winding time and cutoff and transfer downtime is critical to throughput. A completed 324 turret for roofing membrane will handle 120” web widths and is equipped with a special cart discharge system for wide, heavy finished rolls. Fast, accurate cutoff and transfer, with no fold-over at the core, plus easy finished-roll discharge and re-coring are essential for the products and productivity of diverse industries. For a wide variety of materials, the robust and versatile 324 has proven to be a productive solution.

Learn more about the Model 324 turret slitter rewinder.

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