Technical Article on Unloading Systems for Large, Heavy Rolls

Release Date: 06/03/2014

Catbridge president Michael Pappas wrote a technical article appearing in Converting Quarterly’s 2014 2nd quarter issue. The article explains the new tray systems used for unloading large, heavy finished rolls from duplex slitter rewinders.

Article abstract:

Rewinding and unloading large diameter finished rolls from duplex slitter rewinders present unique challenges. There have been two historic design solutions:  duplex center-surface lift-out machines and multiple individual rewind arm (MIR) machines that utilize multiple individual rewind positions. While both approaches get the job done, both have intrinsic disadvantages. Recently, tray discharge systems have been developed for duplex centers winders that overcome many of the disadvantages of previous designs. These single- or dual-tray systems can index into position quickly, strip heavy finished rolls off the rewind shaft, and orient them for packaging operations.

Click on the following link to view the entire article:

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