Revolutionary New Slitter Rewinder for Flexible Packaging

Release Date: 02/10/2012

Catbridge 324 FP Turret Provides Simpler, More Efficient Process

Catbridge’s new 324FP turret takes a completely new approach to flexible packaging converting. Instead of offering conventional duplex winding for flexpack, this new turret winds on a single shaft, saving time and greatly simplifying webbing and operations.

In recent trials, the 324FP delivered rolls with excellent edge quality, roll build, and core alignment. State-of-the-art web controls help precisely separate and wind multiple webs side-by-side on a single shaft. The 324FP also achieved impressive throughput, running at speeds up to 2500 fpm and with downtime between sets reduced to less than 30 seconds! For most applications, the 324FP can produce 2.5 to 3 times more rolls than a traditional duplex winder.

By simplex winding, cores are easily loaded and spaced side-by-side on a common shaft, eliminating the time necessary to properly position cores in an alternating pattern on two shafts. Simplex winding eliminates the expense, complexity and time needed to operate core placement systems and eliminates the inevitable waste that occurs during the final web to core alignment process. Additionally, winding on a single shaft simplifies webbing when using a new jumbo and eases operations such as unloading. The rolls discharge to a simple tree or table, positioned for an easy transition to a roll wrapper or conveyor system. Simplex winding also offers ergonomic benefits. The rewind shaft, at an operator-friendly height, eliminates the bending over and reaching up required on duplex shaft winders.

To ensure superior roll quality, the 324FP turret rewinder precisely regulates web tension and web spreading. Advanced technologies yield exceptional roll build, edge quality, and core alignment with no interleaving. The 324FP can operate in either differential or locked-core mode and run materials ranging from 1 mm PE to heavy optical film laminations.

Innovative technologies and special features also maximize productivity. The cutoff and transfer process is fully automated and includes attaching webs to new cores, with or without tape, with no fold-over. Auto taping of tails on finished rolls is also available if required. A driven shear cutoff knife assures positive, no-stall cutting. Specialized idler and driven roll designs help facilitate high machine speeds. Recipe control and an intuitive touch-screen add to operator ease and reduce errors. Moreover, this turret has a rugged, proven design with a reputation for continuous service, meaning little downtime and minimal maintenance.

Change has arrived. With its technologically advanced, innovative approach, the new Catbridge 324FP turret offers a simpler, more productive way to slit and rewind flexible packaging. Get great quality rolls and double or triple the number rolls out, with less machinery, in less space.

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