New Versatile Salvage Winder

Release Date: 05/19/2011

To rework rolls off large slitters, Catbridge Machinery has developed a versatile salvage winder. This 40″ wide salvage slitter rewinder is capable of handling up to 45″ diameter rolls on the unwind and rewind. Simple to load and unload, this salvage winder provides the benefit of fast salvaging/re-working of otherwise unshippable rolls. This not only reduces waste but prevents having to run such rolls back through a wider full web slitter, saving valuable production time on primary machines.

The salvage winder can operate to simply unwind, trim edges and rewind, or slit multiple webs and rewind. It can handle a wide ranges of widths, from very wide to very narrow, as well as a wide variety of materials, ranging from lightweight, sensitive films to heavy paper laminates. Features include bidirectional winding and speeds to 1800 fpm. The machine also incorporates automatic tension control with taper tension, splice tables, defect mapping and bowed rolls in both pre and post slitting positions.

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