New Turret Innovations: The Catbridge Roll Enveloper & Tabber

Release Date: 03/23/2009

Boost Quality and Cut Costs with Unique Turret Features

Two of our recent turret slitter rewinder innovations include the Catbridge roll enveloper and the tabber. Both of these unique features provide substantial cost savings and quality gains.

The Catbridge ROLL ENVELOPER allows tapeless, glueless, no fold-over starts. It can be used for both core and coreless winding.

The enveloper not only prevents waste but eliminates the possibility of mirroring a fold-over ridge through an entire roll. This can be a critical benefit for sensitive materials where roll imperfections are unacceptable. The enveloper includes a traversing shear or razor cut-off knife and an “enveloping” system that positions just the right amount of material around the new core (or on the shaft when winding coreless). Precise control assures no fold-over or fold-back of material.

Since no glue or tape is necessary to secure the web to the core at start, you can achieve significant cost savings in materials. Additionally, removing this step saves considerable operator time and eliminates the waste that can occur due to occasional operator error in application. No more rolls lost when tape or glues fail. Operators can spend this time on packaging or other functions.

The TABBER is another Catbridge turret rewinder option aimed at increasing run time, eliminating repetitive operator tasks and improving finished roll quality. The tabber performs two functions in one. It applies a tape to the full web width to serve as both a tail tie for finished rolls and a core attachment for beginning new rolls.

The tabber dispenses a width of tape material across the full web width, cuts it off at a length to match the material width and then applies it to the web. Programming in the advanced CB-1 control system draws the “tabbed” web through the slitting knives and stops it at the precise point necessary to allow the turret’s cut-off knife to cut in the middle of the tabbing material. The leading edge of the tape then serves as the tail tie for finished rolls, and the trailing edge is used to secure the web to the new cores.

Accomplishing two functions at once, reliably and precisely, eliminates operator error, saves operator time and delivers a more uniform finished product appearance. Pre-taped rolls coming off the rewinder can go immediately to packaging without further labor added. A number of different tape types, in various widths and colors, can serve as tabbing material.

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