New Surface Winder Designed for Productivity and Safety

Release Date: 09/08/2015

Catbridge Machinery introduces a new heavy-duty surface slitter rewinder that significantly increases productivity and safety. The Model 215 integrates a number of features that shorten cycle time, yielding greater throughput per shift, and provides a comprehensive safety system.

Productivity features allow up to twice as many jumbo rolls to be processed per shift compared to conventional surface winders. These features include a high-performance shaftless floor pickup unwind, high-capacity hydraulic systems, web threading and core placement assists, core stop presets, and a streamlined finished-roll discharge process. Besides roll to roll cycle time improvements, the 215 surface winder offers tension control systems that handle materials ranging from very heavy to very lightweight, and auto knife systems for fast, accurate job change setups. To achieve top-quality finished rolls, the 215 also utilizes technologies such as dual bowed rolls for slit web control.

A comprehensive safety system promotes operator safety throughout the slitting and rewinding process. A safety PLC with redundancy and self-checking continuously monitors operations, gates and guards restrict access to moving parts, and sensors help maintain safe machine speeds when someone is nearby. Additionally, the web path and various machine components are designed to reduce risks.

The 215 two-drum surface winder runs at speeds to 4000 fpm and generates 60, 72, or 84” finished-roll rewind diameters. It’s ruggedly constructed for 24/7 operations, and a combination of features greatly increases throughput per shift while making the operator’s job safer and easier.

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