New Paper Slitter Offers Greater Versatility and Capabilities

Release Date: 11/09/2011

Finally, after decades, something truly new and exciting for paper converters! Catbridge has finished design work on the Model 205, a new slitter rewinder for paper, light board, and some film materials.

The 205 provides great versatility and also increased capabilities, reaching above and beyond the restrictions of time-worn two-drum surface winder design. Hundreds of conventional two-drum winders, most with designs from the 50’s and 60’s, remain in service today in small to medium sized converting plants. While serviceable for traditional work, the efficiency and material demands of today’s converting environment make the limitations of these machines painfully evident.

The 205 is designed to offer faster, more efficient converting on standard work and also incorporates features to support a much broader variety of challenging slitting work. Specifically, the 205 will offer shear (either wrap or tangential), score, and razor slitting in one machine; a dual bowed roll system allowing roll separation on 1″ slitting work; and a 50″ maximum rewind capability. Other options include various unwind configurations such as shafted, shaftless, or shaftless floor pick-up; a splice table; automated knife placement; and various roll unloading systems. The options are tailored to maximize productivity on today’s work while integrating capabilities for new work, customers, and business.

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