New Operator-Friendly Catbridge Flexo Printer

Release Date: 09/23/2013

Single- or two-color flexo printing is becoming a more frequently requested component of multi-function process lines. Catbridge has developed a flexo printer with a simple, operator-friendly design.

The printer is available in 32- to 72- inch widths. It can be used for flexo and gravure applications on a variety of materials. A recently built 72-inch wide flexo unit, for example, prints multiple lanes of a logo pattern on film.

Features include a driven pull roll section before and after printing with a pivoting rubber nip, a pneumatically loaded plate cylinder, entry and exit idlers, a printing deck which slides on linear bearings, an enclosed chambered type applicator, and an ink pump and UV drying system complete with fans and ductwork. Other basic design features available include sleeved or lift-out print cylinders, gearless function, and wide openings for easy cleaning and better web access and management. Also, individual print applicators can be mounted to slide along the width of the web to allow printing of logos on different areas.

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