New Horizontal Duplex Center Winder for Large Rolls

Release Date: 01/26/2016

The 525 duplex center winder for large 50” rewind diameters has a horizontal configuration for improved ergonomics and simplified roll discharge. Duplex, center-driven slitter rewinders requiring rewind diameter capability of 40 to 50” have always posed something of a dilemma for machine builders and converters alike. The issue is the height of the second shaft. Where the top height of vertically-configured duplex winders might be 52 to 60” for a 32” rewind diameter machine, the top shaft height for a 40 to 50” diameter machine will be 72 to 84”. This presents a number of challenges for operators. Ladders are frequently required for core placement and tail tie. Additionally, finished roll removal often requires automated tray systems to strip rolls off cantilevered designs or hoists for lift out machines. These solutions involve additional cost and time between sets.

Unlike vertical duplex configurations, the horizontal design provides two waist-height rewind shafts, making it easier for operators to perform tasks such as core loading, core positioning, and tail tying. Roll discharge can also be accomplished via a more traditional tree system. The 525 offers a faster changeover between sets and a less expense total cost solution to large diameter rewind work.

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