New Fully-Automatic Turret Winder

Release Date: 08/08/2009

Catbridge Machinery’s new Model 334 is a fully automatic, three-shaft turret slitter rewinder. Capable of winding either cored or coreless, this model comes equipped with a Model 686 shaftless floor-pick-up unwind, automatic core loading, and finished roll discharge. The 334 turret winder offers several features to enhance productivity, cut waste, and improve roll quality. These features include:

  • Overhead web path for easy threading and cleanliness
  • Shear, score and razor slitting with automatic knife placement available
  • Bowed (spreader) roll for positive slit separation
  • Small-character inkjet printer to provide lot code on each roll
  • Automatic tape application at roll start to form a “false core” for coreless winding or secure the material to the core when running with cores
  • Hole punch for end of roll warning, vacuum punched tab removal, and light system verification of successful hole punch
  • Positive, driven shear cut-off for clean, precise cut-off of finished rolls
  • Automatic transfer and start of new rolls via the Catbridge “roll enveloper” which provides glueless/tapeless, no fold-over starts of new rolls
  • Automatic label application to seal finished rolls
  • Automatic finished roll discharge
  • Automatic core loading from a storage bin which aligns cores in preparation for loading
  • Trim removal tubes or traverse winders
  • Various roll unloading systems

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