New “Do Everything” Slitter Rewinder for Tapes

Release Date: 09/08/2017

Catbridge has developed a new “do anything and more” duplex center-surface slitter rewinder for tapes, the model 729-32. Building off the popular and proven model 729, this enhanced version increases versatility and also provides even greater ergonomic friendliness.

Two innovations allow the 729-32 to handle a broader range of materials where precise, narrow slitting is required. First, a bigger 32” maximum rewind diameter means that the new 729 can now run many foam products. Second, this model can accept drop-in touch rolls to run protective film and other film products. These dual-durometer touch rolls help minimize air entrapment and gauge variation issues when rewinding film. Besides foams and films, the 729-32 slits and rewinds pressure sensitive tapes, foils, linered products, and self-wound products.

Additional features facilitate ease of use. A short web path from slit to rewind simplifies cutoff and strand alignment at the core. Slitting setup is easily accessible and at a convenient height for operators.

As with all Catbridge tape slitters, the 729-32 can be equipped with features including auto knife positioning, trim winders, splice tables, liner and scrap winders, and even in-line perforating or laminating. The 729-32 can also be equipped with score, razor, or shear slitting, or any combination of these three methods. Unwind options range from simple shafted hoist-loaded to shaftless floor pick-up. Finished roll discharge options include standard roll trees as well as rail systems.

The 729-32 offers an unparalleled combination of precision for narrow slit work and versatility to serve a broad variety of markets.

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