Multi-Function Process and Converting Lines

Release Date: 05/06/2013

Industries such as flexible packaging, performance films, pressure sensitive tapes, and nonwovens have increasingly required individualized web converting or process lines with diverse capabilities. These capabilities range from inspection to extrusion.

On the converting end, a growing number of slitter rewinders do much more than slit and rewind. Integrated functions between the unwind and rewind include quality control systems and secondary inline operations. Machines can be equipped with lasers, cameras, metal detection, web and roll cleaning systems, laminators, printers, dryers, and label application systems. These multi-function slitter rewinders enable converters to do more with less and streamline operations.

On the production end, Catbridge provides winders for process lines and also builds its own engineered-to-order process lines integrating specialized functions. Typically continuous winders such as the 324-C turret are used for process lines. These winders can be equipped to handle many types of applications, even challenging materials, in order to meet exacting tolerances for edge quality, slit width, slit separation, core alignment.

Our engineered-to-order process lines integrate functions such as laminating stations, ultrasonic bonding systems, slot die coating, or extrusion systems. We design an effective, efficient web flow and manufacture the process line using top-quality components and an advanced control system. We work closely with customers to determine exact needs and provide optimal solutions.


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