Model 344: A Highly-Productive Duplex Slitter Rewinder

Release Date: 11/21/2008

A combination of time-saving features dramatically improves run time

Catbridge Machinery’s model 344 dual-turret, cantilevered center rewinder blends innovative design and state-of-the-art technology to slash downtime. The 344 is ideal for pressure sensitive tape, flexible packaging, and other industries with short run, frequent job changes or high volume, repetitive work.

Catbridge builds the model 344 in 18, 24 and 30-inch diameters. Each machine is tailored to the customer’s exact material and process requirements.

Unique, time-saving features include the Catbridge “roll enveloper” which allows tapeless, glueless, no fold-over starts on cores or when winding coreless. The savings in operator time and glue or tape costs are significant. The roll enveloper also eliminates waste and product quality issues that can result from the mirroring of fold-overs through the entire wind on sensitive materials.

On the other end of the winding cycle, a finished roll “tail” laydown/wiping roll provides smooth, waste-free roll finishes. A robust traversing shear cut-off knife handles the thinnest to thickest materials, consistently and dependably.

Another innovation is the Catbridge “tabber/wrapper” feature which can be configured to place a wrapping material on adhesive-out finished rolls, eliminating the problems with post production finished roll handling and wrapping. The tabber/wrapper can also be configured to apply a double-sided tape to roll ends, assisting the start on new rolls and providing a tail-tie for finished rolls. Time savings are substantial.

Other features of the model 344 dual-turret slitter rewinder include locked-core or differential winding, automatic cut-off and transfer, user-friendly controls, recipe storage, programmable tension control, automatic knife positioning (shear, score, or razor), laser core positioning, traversing trim winders, roll pushers, and unloading trees or other roll discharge systems.

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