Model 210: Something New in Two-Drum Winding

Release Date: 01/12/2009

Catbridge Machinery’s Model 210 two-drum surface winder increases slitter production while providing more consistent roll quality and less waste. The 210 is built to the highest quality standards and incorporates the latest in technology, design and controls. We have comprehensively addressed the historic problems areas in two-drum winder technology, producing an easy-to-use and robust surface winder that slashes costs.

Catbridge offers as standard a heavy-duty floor pick-up shaftless unwind equipped with linear bearings for roll weights up to 10,000 lbs and diameters to 84 inches. This unwind can be equipped with pneumatic brakes or a spindle drive. The latest in tension control systems and guiding help to deliver a well-controlled web from the unwind to the slitting section. This unwind also allows for operation on two rolls simultaneously, using a unique design which provides a separate brake and tension zone for each roll.

The slitting section of the 210 surface winder can be equipped for score or shear knives. Either method is available with an automatic knife positioning system. This system can activate a setup of 30 knives in as little as five minutes to accuracies within .005 inches. Since the knife system is integrated with the on-board control system, all setups can be stored as standard recipe variables. Job changes can now be done faster and with complete repeatability.

For slit separation, this surface winder offers a geometrically-engineered single or dual bowed roll web spreading system. This bowed roll system delivers perfect placement of webs to the drums, allowing narrow width slitting and winding of substrates to diameters of 60 inches or more.

Catbridge’s CBM1 advanced control system integrates all machine controls into a single networking package. This unit operates over a high-speed Ethernet connection and provides many outstanding control features that previously required separate arrays of controls. Based on the IEC 1131 platform, the CBM1 advanced control system helps maintain precise tension control, provide automatic knife positioning, supply in-depth remote support, store and retrieve recipes, memorize project functions and integrate material handling functions.


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