Meltblown Line Produces N95 Mask Material and High-Performance Nonwovens

Release Date: 06/10/2021

Catbridge Machinery’s meltblown production lines provide a turnkey solution for immediate needs and versatility for future needs.

Catbridge Machinery has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and mask shortages with a turnkey solution for producing N95 mask material. Our meltblown lines make high-performance nonwoven material that meets the stringent filtration specifications for N95 face masks.

Catbridge provides both compact and multi-beam meltblown production lines. These modular turnkey lines include extruder, meltblown forming system, web charger, web handling equipment, all mechanical connections, controls package, all electrical panels and a high degree of safety.

All lines feature an innovative die tip design for extremely precise laydown control. In the meltblown process, melted polypropylene is pushed through tiny holes in the die assembly, blown with air to create stretched filaments, and drawn to a vacuum table to form a web. The resulting ultrafine material is ideal for filtration, capturing particles while allowing air to pass through. By statically charging the web, the material can trap even more particles.

The meltblown lines are built for easy changeover to different products. They make BMF (blown micro fiber) not only for filters and face masks, but also for wipes and hygiene products. Die configurations can be changed to run products with different fiber requirements. Lines can also be expanded for increased throughput by adding beams.

Read more about our meltblown lines in Rockwell Automation’s “Solution in Action” profile. Rockwell provides the control systems for our meltblown machinery.

Meltblown Line Makes N95 Mask Material – and More | Rockwell Automation

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