Helpful Website Calculators for Slitter Rewinder Operations

Release Date: 01/05/2010

We have improved and expanded the Calculators section of our website. We offer a productivity estimator to help identify factors impacting roll production. We also offer easy-to-use roll calculators to quickly calculate common measurements such as roll density and roll length. Obtaining precise information is the first step towards more efficient, productive converting. We hope you find our calculators valuable.

Productivity Estimator

The productivity estimator allows you to change variables in your slitter operations to determine the effect on end-of-shift production. Presented in a basic spreadsheet format, the productivity estimator gives a side by side comparison to current operations. Entering different parameters can help you identify exactly where your biggest gains in productivity might be realized. These variables include key areas such as master roll loading time, knife setup time, operating speed, and finished roll change time.

Our customers have found the productivity estimator to be an invaluable tool for analyzing roll converting operations and efficiencies. The calculator shows how small reductions in downtime can have a dramatic effect on productivity. What is revealed using this calculator is often surprising, and always helpful. To access the productivity estimator, first time users will need to go through a very simple registration process.

Roll Calculators

Our roll calculators provide either metric or standard results for various roll measurements. Try out the following four roll calculators:

  • Roll Density Calculator: To calculate roll densities of different materials quickly and easily
  • Roll Diameter Calculator: An easy way to quickly calculate roll diameter
  • Roll Length Calculator: An easy way to determine how many feet or meters are on a roll
  • Roll Weight Calculator: Use when beginning or finished roll weight must be known precisely

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