Heavy-Duty Roll Unloading System for Large Rewind Diameters

Release Date: 05/07/2012

Catbridge’s dual-tray unloading system safely and quickly discharges heavy rolls. Available on large-diameter duplex winders such as our Model 901-40, this patented tray unloading system can unload 40″ diameter rolls from both shafts simultaneously. This keeps the flexibility and simplicity of a traditional duplex but also provides a finished roll diameter range that previously required an individual arm machine. The unloading system can handle weights of up to 2,600 lbs per shaft on 3″ cores and is configured to allow rapid re-coring, minimizing downtime between sets. Rolls are discharged to a conveyor or packing table.

This robust unloading system is ideal for converters producing ever larger and heavier finished rolls, particularly for flexible packaging applications. To further improve productivity, the duplex winder can be configured with features such as auto knife placement and auto core positioning. Additionally, the webflow between unwind and rewind can be customized to integrate specific customer functions.

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