Efficiently Removing Finished Rolls From Slitter Rewinders

Release Date: 03/18/2014

Catbridge provides customers with a wide range of coating and laminating solutions. We build custom-engineered process lines, stand-alone slitter rewinders integrating coating or laminating functions, and lab lines. Various coating, laminating, and drying methods are available. All projects are tailored to your unique materials and processes.

Our engineered-to-order process line projects include spray laminating, slot die coating, gravure coating, and ultrasonic bonding systems. We design a web path for your exact application, effectively integrating components such as adhesive application units, drying units, accumulators, unwinds, and rewinds. We develop a system to precisely control critical elements such as melt temperatures, die positioning and web speed in order to achieve the required coating thickness and uniformity. To meet different needs, a number of specialized features are available including edge guiding, auto cutoff and transfer, slitting, scrap or liner rewinds, and roll discharge systems. Applications vary greatly and can range from performance films to filtration media.

We also build slitter rewinders that integrate coating and laminating functions, allowing customers to do more with a single machine. Slitter rewinders such as the Model 900 duplex can provide laminating capability, letting customers not only accomplish normal slitting and rewinding work but also do laminating followed by slitting for short run orders in one pass. Turret winders such as the Model 324 can also be equipped for expanded capabilities such as hot embossing or other laminating functions.

Catbridge lab lines are engineered for specific customer needs. These generally small-scale lab lines are used to run trials so customers can test various adhesive and application methods. A recently built lab line, for example, handles 14-inch wide webs and is equipped to accept various adhesive application technologies including spray.

We have extensive experience integrating components and building adhesive application lines for diverse needs. If you are considering a coating and laminating system, we would be happy to discuss possible solutions.

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