Efficient, Versatile Catbridge Turret Rewinders

Release Date: 08/20/2008

Catbridge builds versatile turret rewinders that dramatically increase productivity. We’ve designed our turrets to maximize run time while also providing flexibility for a varied job mix. Our turret rewinders produce small to medium-sized finished rolls and handle materials ranging from papers and laminations to films, pressure sensitives and nonwovens.

We offer continuous or semi-automatic, single or dual head, cantilevered or lift-out models. These turret rewinders can be configured for center wind, center/surface wind, minimum gap wind, or all three modes. Use for either inline or stand-alone operations. Popular models include the Model 324 cantilevered slitter rewinder, the Model 324-C continuous center rewinder, and the Model 344 dual turret slitter rewinder.

Our innovative turrets incorporate a number of features that boost efficiency and improve finished roll quality. The Catbridge roll enveloper, for example, allows tapeless, glueless, no foldover starts. Other available features include automatic cutoff and transfer, articulated rewind shaft end support, programmable tension, automatic knife positioning, recipe control, trim winders, and various roll unloading options. We’ll work with you to optimize output, tailoring our machines to your needs.

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