Catbridge Introduces High-Speed, Versatile New Duplex Center Winder

Release Date: 08/02/2012

Catbridge has designed a new duplex center winder offering exceptional versatility, speed, and simplicity. Ideal for narrow web slitting, the new Model 900 can be configured for a broad variety of applications including labelstock, primary films, flexible packaging, and tapes. This slitter rewinder runs at speeds to 2500 fpm (763 m/min) and handles rewind diameters to 32″ (812 mm). A low to mid price point makes it accessible to all, from independent converters to large multi-plant companies.

The Model 900 runs in lay-on or gap winding modes and can be equipped with closed or open loop tension, cam-lock or direct friction style rewind shafts, and any combination of shear, score and razor slitting methods. The 900 duplex winder also offers auto knife positioning, laser core alignment, a lift-out option, traversing trim winders or vacuum trim removal, and a roll pusher to an unloading tree. For ease of operation, this machine provides a user-friendly webpath design and intuitive machine controls. As with all Catbridge designs, the 900 can be prepared to accommodate future functions if business opportunities develop for different materials and operating parameters.

The Model 900 duplex center winder brings together numerous capabilities, improving performance. This slitter offers flexibility, simplicity, affordability, and adaptability as well as increased speeds and rewind diameters.


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