Automatic Core Loading System for Turret Slitter Rewinders

Release Date: 02/17/2017

Catbridge has introduced a new automatic core loading system for dual turret slitter rewinders such as the Model 344. This system saves time and offers versatility, accommodating narrow tape widths and wider flexible packaging widths as well as long and short runs.

For commodity tape converters, auto core loading can significantly reduce setup times. Suppose the job parameters include a 60’ web, 1” cores, and a winding time of 30 seconds. This would require positioning 30 cores on the top shaft and 30 cores on the bottom shaft every thirty seconds. With this system, cores are automatically positioned onto the cantilevered shafts and locked into place. NO REWIND SHAFT HANDLING is required.

For flex pack converters producing bigger, wider rolls, the system offers the convenience of preloading cores for multiple sets. If the job parameters include a 60’ web, 6” wide cores, and a 5 minute run time, for example, the system can be set up for fewer cores and longer runs. The system’s hopper can be adapted so that the operator can preload 6-8 sets for auto core loading. This enables faster, easier one-man operations.

Catbridge’s new auto core loading system offers numerous benefits and requires only marginally more floor space than a dual turret’s typical footprint. These benefits include versatility, reduced downtime, and ease of operations. To further improve productivity, core loading can be paired with a finished roll unloading system that facilitates discharge to an auto packaging system.

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