Ameri-Cal's investment
in Catbridge's

900-M Duplex

Center Slitter Rewinder


Discover how Ameri-cal, a leader in the converting industry, enhanced their production capabilities and operational efficiency through a strategic partnership with Catbridge Machinery and the innovative 900-M Slitter Rewinder.


Ameri-cal faced significant challenges with their aging infrastructure, relying on two decades-old Dusenbery slitters. This limitation hindered their ability to meet growing market demands and maintain a competitive edge. The rise of roll printers in the printing industry further underscored the need for enhanced slitting capabilities.

Eager to overcome these obstacles, Ameri-cal embarked on a journey of transformation. The decision to invest in Catbridge Machinery’s state-of-the-art 900-M Slitter Rewinder marked a pivotal moment. This case study unveils the strategic steps Ameri-cal took to revamp their operations, highlighting the remarkable improvements in efficiency and productivity. Dive into the full story to see how this partnership not only solved immediate challenges but also positioned Ameri-cal for future success.

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