All-In-One Slitter Rewinders for a Varied Product Mix

Release Date: 08/23/2019

In the 2019 Q3 issue of Converting Quarterly, Catbridge president Michael Pappas talks about high-performance, all-in-one slitter rewinders. These versatile machines handle an extremely broad range of products. This means converters can use a single piece of equipment to accomplish the range of work typically done by two or three older slitter rewinders. To achieve diverse handling capabilities, machines such as center winders and turret winders can offer a combination of slitting methods and winding modes and also accept a variety of shaft styles and sizes. The benefits of high-performance, all-in-one type slitter rewinders range from increased productivity and safety to reduced floor space and training needs.

To read the full article, view Converting Quarterly’s digital 2019 Q3 issue:{%22issue_id%22:608010,%22page%22:36}

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