Model 142 Roll Editor Salvage Winder

The Model 142 roll editor removes master roll defects before converting. Waiting to remove defects on a slitter rewinder can be time consuming. Furthermore, starting and stopping during finished roll build can lead to quality issues and rolls must then be “doctored” before being shipped to the customer. The Model 142 roll editor allows converters to deal with defects once, before going to the slitting department, improving overall quality and throughput. The 142 can rewind to 50” diameters and offers features such as shaftless unwinds and rewinds, convenient overhead web paths, splice tables at optimal ergonomic positions, and slitting capability.

General Specifications

Rewind diameter: 50” (1270 mm)
Web width: to 72” (1829 mm)
Web speed: to 2,500 fpm (763 m/min)

Standard Features
  • Overhead web path
  • Center rewind with touch roll
  • Shear, score or razor slitting (or combinations of all three)
  • Safety PLC and safety devices
  • Advanced CBM1 control system with user-friendly interface, recipe control, programmable tension and density, data logging and remote support
Optional Features
  • Splice tables
  • Inspection lights
  • Defect mapping
  • Closed-loop tension
  • Minimum gap winding
  • Shaftless winding
  • Lock-core winding
  • Bowed roll
Common Applications
  • Nonwovens
  • Board, coated and uncoated
  • Film to film laminations
  • Label stock
  • Metallized papers
  • Paper to film laminations
  • Paper to foil laminations
  • Papers, coated and uncoated